@MrsC1one say’s “NOT TRUE”

I’m the type of person that will search all over to find out all the info if i’m interested in the topic.. Oh the wide world web! Anyhoo, I found another report about Tyler Perry’s purchase.. check it out…


Report Claims Tyler Perry Has Purchased American Airlines. by   – African American Culture (Examiner)

An article originally intended to be a joke has created a firestorm of controversy surrounding popular producer Tyler Perry.

Weekly World News, an African American humor blog, published a report that Tyler Perry purchased struggling airline giant American Airlines for a whopping $5 Billion dollars today. According to the same report,  Perry plans to rename the airline “African American Airlines,” and Perry said he will not only be the CEO of the new airline, but also will be the CFO, the CIO, the Director of Human Resources and, of course, will pilot many of the AAA flights.

Last month AMR Corporation, the Dallas based parent company of American Airlines, announced that the company filed petitions for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection in the Southern District of New York, however neither the company nor Perry have verified the claims by the site.

Although the article may have started as a joke, many people have taken the news to heart, offering the mogul their congratulations via social media. Perhaps those people should take a look at the “About” section of the website:

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Let’s just say we won’t be holding our breath for the “official” announcement on this story.


here’s the original article below…




okay so even if the story isn’t true, what did you think when you first read it?