The Fashion Update!!!

Pictures taken on:

Sunday- Loca Luna (Atlanta, GA)

Wednesday- Rolling Out Holiday Party at the Atlantic (Atlanta, GA)

Who’s who:

1. Singer/Songwriter at Loca Luna   2. @Cheers_to_tee  3. Loca Luna patron  4. @AndreaTranice  5.  @Maurice _Garland  6. Kodak (Vibe/  7. A friend of Munson Steed (CEO- Steed Media) at the Atlantic  8. Nikki Bell (@OhSoSheSays)  9. Tiffany Evans (singer/songwriter)  10. @DolceBrooklyn  11. Janeen Soler (@ShoeLoungeATL)  12. Reshanda Seymour (The Perfect Bartender)

Tell us about your next event! We would love to see you there!