What I REALLY Said About Rihanna’s Talk That Talk

Looks like a good time

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So here’s what i really said…

This Rihanna rain just won’t let up.. and when it rains, it pours.  In November 2011, Bajan sensation, Rihanna Fenty released her latest success Talk That Talk. After much talk about her inspirations (dubstep and liquor), her vices (men and drugs), and her ever-changing but always sexy style, we FINALLY have what we’ve all been waiting on- the music. But before I proceed with this pervading review I feel it only right to advise the public:


Talk That Talk starts off the party with You Da One. Despite the fact that this Carribean/dubstep- influenced song hasn’t gotten rave reviews it is still a very solid song. A feel good song that is in Riahnna’s comfort zone vocally and is acceptable to her pop and hip hop fan bases

Where Have You Been will immediately make you wonder why this song might sound familiar. Does the name Johnny Cash ring a bell? Anyway, this song and about 25 different remixes will be in every dance club all over the world. The breakdown is amazing.

We Found Love- You’re favorite song and mine- well just yours. All of the hype and controversy over the scandalous video and the Chris Brown look alike (Dudley O’Shaughnessy) made the song more interesting to the public than what it would have been without.

Talk That Talk- Every song Jay-Z jumps on with Rihanna is a hit so i’m sure this one is no different. Jay swings his swag all over this StarGate track. Jay and Rihanna take turns talking that talk to the opposite sex. Rihanna talking about the usual “i’m the best” and Jay-Z talking about his Big Possessions (if you get what i’m saying). I like this song.  The last appropriate song for a few tracks. I’m just preparing you for what is already there. If you haven’t heard it by now, you weren’t looking for it anyway. Expect this beat to hit the freestyle/remix/rap circuit now that the song is being promoted.

The song is called Cockiness (Love It) and they give you no time to prepare your ears to change the song if you are listening to this song in a mixed crowd. If you liked ‘If You Seek Amy’ you’ll live for this dancehall influenced song. I won’t go into detail, but I will say that the sexual play on words might be little too much for the younger crowd (moms) OR shall I say kids- remember skip #5 around the parentals.

No matter what anyone says, you can’t deny the sexual nature of these songs. There’s just no way.

Birthday Cake– In less than 2 minutes, this little interlude gives you another song to add to the birthday playlist. A few choice lyrics from the song are  “It’s not even my birthday, but he wanna like the icing off”, “Ima make you my -itch” , and right before the scene goes off she takes it THERE.

Rihanna and her fans finally sit down and catch their breath as she bears her heart on this ballad, We All Want Love telling us “no one wants to be left behind”, “we all want to be somebody’s one and only” “we all love”. It was nice to know Rihanna’s entire cd isn’t all about getting freaky.

A fan favorite, Drunk On Love, is the quintessential song to sing after a long night and a few rounds at the local watering hole with your fun, single friends. If you have been keeping up with the media and Rihanna’s partying, i’m sure you can visualize this in her soundtrack to 2011. Rihanna’s strong vocal skills are definitely shown on this song as well.

Rock Me Out has that hit feel to it. Sounding similiar to Rude Boy, Rihanna goes back to asking her guy to “Give it to me, Give it up to me, Blow it out” reminding “daddy” that she’s “been a bad girl”. She reveals that she “Just wants to be loved” which is a common thread in the back end of the album. It’s almost as if you were listening to this album with some friends at home over a box of wine. Halfway through, everyone gets emotional and deep.

Watch and Learn has a TLC feel to it. The Hit-boy beat is very catchy and definitely made for her Carribean and Hip Hop fans. As the beat has you dancing in a trance Rihanna teaches you how to kiss . “Put your love on my lips, la la la just like that” . No further comment.

Farewell– This is the typical “skip song”. You now it’s true. Unless you’re into the dramatics and slow ballad music, you will nod and agree. But it is the last song for those who don’t have the deluxe edition.

Deluxe Edition Songs

Red Lipstick– This song leaked a few months before the release, a remix to the Chase & Status’ electronic song, “Saxon”. This song has different aspects that will appeal to various genres. Even though a Rihanna uses a lot of crude language which is inappropriate for most, the music in evolutionary and opens more doors for genres to evolve and different genres to be created. I can definitely see electronic, dubstep, and variations of house music emerge in hip hop. Especially once they hear how great this auto-tune sounds.

Do Ya Thang– *cue the pop fans* – Produced by The-Dream and written by Rihanna and The-Dream (Terius Nash). Basically Rihanna is telling her guy to go ahead and do his thang since she knows he “loves looking at chicks and their little outfits”. But just like she said “this love don’t come easy”. So ladies, if you’re listening, take her cue and prepare for the emotional consequences #imjustsaying.

Fool In Love– We all know who she’s talking about, or do we? Let’s take time to listen to the ballad and think about the past 2 years of Rihanna’s life. She’s had a roller coaster of a ride and it hasn’t stopped yet. Various relationships, intense media attention, new albums, the Loud Tour- so many things going on and right in front of our eyes. Talk That Talk, although a very upbeat and entertaining album, is a look into the pain that the rising pop icon in-training has endured. Love missing, love lost, and public scrutiny. How would your 2011 album sound?

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