Is This Teyana Taylor’s Year??

Teyana Taylor Ended Contract with Star Trak After Six Years |

So Teyana Taylor finally got her walking papers… but does that mean she will fly? Good for her to get the freedom to grow from nearly a decade of being a caterpillar, but what does that mean?

How do you think she will follow up to her hit “Google Me”? Are you still checking for her? Check out the article and actual interview via video.

P.S. she mentions Erk tha Jerk… check him out… I first met him at A3C 2011. Awesome performer and great music….

Also something for you artists to think about: This is another artists that is singing like a blue bird because she’s no longer signed to a major record label. Why is it that a lot of new-comers/up-and coming/independents are still talkin about “son, i’m tryna get signed” 


After six years with Pharrell’s Star Trak, Teyana Taylor has finally made her way out of the deal. She told DJ Skee that she officially got her release from Star Trak/Interscope after having been signed with them for six years.

According to Vibe, she addressed her critics saying that people only see the glory but they don’t know the real story. She said that people start to blame when they see no music is being put out and the singer isn’t moving elsewhere either. But there’s some politics involved in the music industry.

As you can guess, she’s already searching for a new home in music industry. But before that, she is preparing a free EP which is said to drop on January 29.

However, Teyana Taylor’s relationship with Star Trak hasn’t been destroyed. She just ended the contract, that’s all. She said that she didn’t burn the bridge as she believed Pharrell as her big brother. She said, “Now it’s time for me to go from a caterpillar to a butterfly. I had to fly away from the nest and venture out on my own.”

Teyana Taylor Ended Contract with Star Trak After Six Years |