Make the Best of Your At Work Lunch @TalkingPretty

Are you tired of eating at the same restaurants and ordering the same takeout? Is cooking not an option for you? Most of us are on the go the minute we step out of  bed, and these days it seems the oven is becoming as extinct as the home phone. For people who are in a competitive job market, cooking and working long hours just don’t add up, and as a result our health and nutrition take a toll. reported that less people are leaving the workplace to go to lunch, cutting back on lunch breaks, and are spending less money overall on their meals.  Being one in the number, I understand and have many reasons why:

– Dieting: I’m trying to eat healthy (er).

– Nutrition: I don’t want to spend all of my money on eating out. (I’d rather spend on shoes)

– Time: I don’t have time, nor do I see myself making time anytime soon. (Call it lazy, but they love it at the office)

But whatever your real reason is, we as people still need to nutrition to keep us going. So whether you’re trying to save money, save time, or save or waistline, here are 5 meals that are great on the go or right at your desk:

Make the Best of Your At Work Lunch : Talking Pretty.