Suspect Shoes cause Mass Hysteria and Rioting…and by “Mass” I mean Black People..Who else would it be?

by: therealHNF

Ok tell me these shoes ain’t suspect.  They glow in the dark..They’re glittery, purple and light pink, and have stars on them.  And they cost over 200 smacks…I mean, what’s the purpose of a glow in the dark shoe?  If an armed burglar breaks into your house and is feeling around in the dark for something to steal, it’s only going to work against you.  And from the looks of the video, those were grown-ass niggas people actin’ a fool over this shit…Not kids, who should be the ones makin’ a big deal out of this.  And these are basketball shoes..Most grown men with lives don’t really care that much to invest in basketball shoes just to play a pick-up game every now and then at the gym.  Unless you that old nigga with the pot-belly with too many accessories on while you playin’.  This is the second time in the past couple months where Black people were reported causin’ fire and brimstone because of a shoe.    We all know the only time anybody gets a pass to act a fool is on Black Friday cause that’s when the White people do it.   It’s just frustrating that they know how to get to us..Now they have us by the balls. No pun intended..

*NBA Jam Voice* Is It The Shoes?