Scoutmob’s Top Patios, Rooftops and Outside Restaurants in Atlanta


Enjoy the beautiful weather outside at some of these great places.


Zocalo: Merely driving past this merry Mexican restaurant’s lively patio at 10th and Piedmont is nearly enough to make me leap from my car face-first into a margarita. But for maximum enjoyment, park your car first—and then do the leaping.

P’cheen: No better way to worship the great solar deities than with a cold moonshine cocktail in hand on the busy corner of Sampson and North Highland. Hint: the cherry cola cocktail is officially where it’s at, “it” being Refreshment and Enjoyment of the Highest Order.

Boners BBQ: If Boners has one thing going for them, besides the smoky ‘cue, or the deep-fried collard greens, or the elote, or maybe the wall plastered with scantily clad (yet classy!) vintage dames, it’s the sky deck overlooking the Ted.

Woody’s Cheese Steaks: With one hundred eighty-nine acres of greenery at its front doors, Woody’s might just have the best outdoor dining situation in Atlanta. For best results, add one of their famously beloved milkshakes. Childhood glee = achieved.

Shout! Restaurant & Lounge: Their swank rooftop overlooks the Midtown Mile and keeps the sangria flowing like sweet, sweet honey.

Across The Street: Grab a Bud-infused Redneckarita and saddle up at the back patio—or better yet, dust off your cornhole skills outside on the hill overlooking the Freedom Parkway trail.

Cafe 640: People-watching, grapefruit rosewater martinis, and an Andy’s Burger all go hand-in-hand on this patio—and are all unofficial-yet-official Atlanta ways to celebrate the coming of warm weather.

Roux On Canton: The ripped-from-a-postcard streets of historic downtown Roswell makes for excellent scenery while you slurp back a dozen on the half-shell (chased by one of Roux’s handpicked craft brews, of course).

Cafe Circa & The Reserve: Just a quick flight up the steps, and you’re somehow a world away from the Boulevard-Edgewood hubub below. It’s a rooftop oasis where you can clink cocktails, nibble on Caribbean-inspired fare, and pretend to be sophisticated.

Engine 11 Firehouse Tavern: Saddle up, get a cold one, eat some cheesy banana boats (watch out, those suckers are dangerously habit-forming), and watch the worlds of Bank of America businesspeople and Varsity pilgrims collide.

Radial Cafe: We were delighted when Radial added dinner service, not only because it meant we could enjoy the hearty locavore menu outside of brunch, but also because we can spend even more time on their cozy neighborhood hangout of a patio.

Urban pL8: The fresh, local, and often Paleo-friendly dining at Urban pL8 is made even better when you’re outside in their lush garden of a patio.

Escorpión: People-watching on a sidewalk in the middle of Midtown? Eh, it’s okay. People-watching on a sidewalk in the middle of Midtown with a dangerously good mezcal cocktail in your hand and a plate of tuna watermelon ceviche on your table? Si.