On the Flip Side: Nicki Minaj is Good for the Female Rap Game?

An interesting and enlightening perspective from the good people at Makin it Magazine:



After three years of mixtape releases 2007-2009, a feature in XXL, coverage on BET and MTV and winning Best Female Artist of the Year at the 2008 Underground Music Awards, Nicki Minaj’s buzz finally reached its boiling point resulting in a lucrative deal with Young Money Records Cash Money/Universal Records. 2010 saw Nicki’s star rise further with guest appearances on singles from Christina Aguilera, Ludacris, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Trey Songz, Usher, Rihanna, Diddy-Dirty Money and many other big names. This new found success quickly marked Nicki with a bright pink bull’s-eye, as she left a host of female emcees brooding in her accomplishments.

In early 2010 it seemed nearly every female rapper had something negative to say about her. I can recall being at a networking event in conversation with a couple well known producers, Atlanta’s head of ASCAP and a two A&Rs, when a female rapper broke into the conversation to vehemently berate Nicki. After an extended period of silence and a few raised eyebrows she sputtered off.

Upon her exit someone in the group made this observation: “What these chicks don’t understand is they NEED [Nicki Minaj]. If her album flops… that’s it for female rappers.  If she can’t sell with all this hype and publicity surrounding her NO major label is gonna gamble on another female rapper. Ever!”

More than a year later Nicki’s debut album has sold over a million copies spawning several successful singles. Her official Super Bass video has received over 215 Million views beating out Adele with a distant second of 80 Million views. She’s surpassed Eminem as the most followed rapper on twitter with over 8.4 Million followers. It’s even been recently confirmed that she will be expanding from just nail polish and lipstick to a full fashion line.


While it may seem counter intuitive to some, I strongly agree that all female rappers are in part vested in Nicki’s success. The more albums she sells, the looser the purse strings of major labels will become as they search for the “Next Nicki”. While many may feel there’s only room for one “queen bee” it’s important to remember that a hive consists of a community of all females working together to survive. Share your thoughts below.

via Nicki Minaj: Only Room for One Queen B!? | Makin It Magazine.