Brandy vs Beyonce? Vocalist vs Singer? What’s the Difference? Was Chris Brown Right?

I found Mr L Davis once again teaching the masses about music according to the word of Him.  Very insightful post!  It’s no surprise the Beyonce stans came off of Bey’s new Tumblr for a few minutes to give their take.  Let me know what do you guys think?

First let me say this is not meant to be a stan war, but was prompted by a late night twitter conversation.

Last night Chris Brown tweeted “To me Brandy is the best female vocalist” . This sent the Beyonce fans into a frenzy and like always, they attacked. But what Beyonce fans don’t realize is that Chris’ statement was 100% true, as there is a difference between a vocalist, and a singer.

Brandy is the best vocalist in the game because she uses technique she uses her voice as an instrument. Beyonce, just sings. Brandy uses Technique. Difference. Beyonce is a singer, brandy is a vocalist. Two different categories. Two great talents. Two different works.

Brandy uses her pitch and tone to make sounds. In key. On top of singing that’s what technique is. Brandys background vocals alone could build a nation. A lot of you guys equate getting loud with “singing”. Brandy hasn’t raised her voice her whole career and still can sing you into Easter Sunday.

Now I say Beyonce is not a vocalist because she is a radio pop singer. Which is not a bad thing. She uses her voice to sell records, smart. Like she knows the masses today and radio don’t respect vocalist, just singers. So that’s what she does. She Sings, hence the reason there are very little powerhouse vocalist on the radio, but we are subjected to the foolishness of Nicki Minaj and Rihanna.

Now I am not saying Beyonce couldn’t use technique. She just doesn’t. Technique doesn’t sell records, singing does. That is why Beyonce changes her live vocals so drastically, she can do that live, not on an album. A lot of vocalist dumb themselves down to singers to sell records.

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