Movie Review: “Think Like A Man” by therealHNF

I must say, when I didn’t see Tyler Perry’s name attached to this movie, I knew I was going to go see it.  I mean, how often do we get movies with a predominantly black cast without Madea in it?  What was the last black movie to come out without Tyler Perry?

Exactly..I don’t know either.  And what surprised me was that even during 420 weekend and the fact that black people are the heaviest bootleggers on the planet the movie managed to sell out and take the #1 spot at the box office with 33$ million.  YAY!! This shows you that black people can come together for 3 things!!

1.  a Barbecue

2.  These are the people camping out waiting for “Think Like A Man” to open…


Clueless bystander: “Hey what’s going on?”

Nigga running past him: “Them Ole’ Jordans came back out again!!”

I’m sorry…I feel like I’m getting off topic. Back to the movie.  I must say I’m a little skeptical of a movie when I see the previews and all I see is a bunch of singers/rappers/MTV VJs trying to act.  And whoever casted them did an excellent job of keeping their cameos to a minimum…I mean, their appearances were shorter than the black girl’s from the Hunger Games who got murked, so I can’t complain…With that said, I really don’t have anything negative to say about the film.  All of the main characters had solid performances, it was very funny throughout, and it had a sappy happy ending that made me feel all giddy and romantic and shit…  My only question is why didn’t Cuba Gooding Jr. get a part in this movie?  He needs work!!