Renee Gardner covers Creflo Dollar Breaking News & rants for rollingoutTV (video)

This Friday, I had the chance to cover the latest breaking news- Creflo Dollar choking his daughter (hence HustleNFlo’s post about ‘Yoke Your Child Day‘ smh).

While out on the field, it was very difficult to get people to share their reaction or feelings on the topic- whether they were positive or negative. We came across a few people who were part of the congregation who supported the Reverend regardless, a few that were utterly stunned, and some who had no idea who he was, but thought the whole incident shouldn’t be taken into the media.

Now, regardless of the stance you may have on a topic, I was very disgruntled by the lack of people in the black community who didn’t want to use their time on a national platform to speak their opinion. People who are amongst the misconstrued and misrepresented. We wait for someone else (mainstream media) to make the judgement call about our situations, and then we fight tooth and nail against their opinion, when really we had the chance to speak out first. We sit here and praise a President because he is “black” and bringing about “change” but we won’t let him know what we need.

As I talked with HustleNFlo (who writes stories all the time about why Black people can’t get ahead) and others about my frustrations, quite a number of thoughts and questions came about.. Here are a few of them:

  • When the EBT shut off, how many people hesitated to tell the masses how they had no food in their homes?
  • How many people watched, blogged, and laughed about shows like The Basketball Wives, only to change their tone after Star Jones said something negative about the scripted show?
  • Do people really understand that Nene is an aspiring actress who created the drama for more opportunities? If you say yes, you’re lying. More of ‘us’ watch reality tv more than any other type of program. How do I figure? Where are all the black faces? Sports and reality tv.
  • How many of our young people have made music videos that never touched on our REAL situation as black people in America?
  • Name a black activist under 32.

The conversation went off in a place where the majority of us aren’t ready to journey into, because we are so caught up in things that don’t matter so there’s no need to wear the soapbox out in one post…

You can check out my breaking news and post rant through this link (embed wasn’t working)… feel free to share your opinions. Your community needs them. Also please feel free share your comments on  Rollingout as well. People need to see the black communities present in other ways besides Twitter and World Star Hip Hop.