Black Pride Fashion Event seeks Hair, Beauty, and Sound Staff (Atlanta)

I’m sure this fashion event will be lovely, but in the meantime, this event is looking for more volunteers!

Check out the details!

I am in need of a few volunteers for this event. (2) theatrical makeup artist. Must have experience pass the basic eye shadow and lipstick application. (2) hair dressers. Must have experience with a variety of hair including natural, permed, weaves, and wigs. (1) assistant costume designer. Must have experience in the creation and construction of costumes. Must have experience working with a variety of materials including but not limited to latex, power mesh, etc. may also assist with stage props. (1) dj or person experienced in mixing tracks, adding sound effects, looping and lengthening tracks and creating acoustics to bring the show to life. If you are interested contact This is a volunteered assignment. Thanks!