Hip Hop Has Officially Gone Soft: “Let It Shine” Movie Review by therealHNF

Many people have made the assertion over the past few years that “Hip Hop Is Dead” due to the Soulja Boys of the world crankin’ out songs about crankin’ a Soulja Boy.  And while the declaration is debatable since no one can pin point who exactly signed the death certificate, I will officially state for the record that “Hip Hop Is Soft.”  Why, you ask? BECAUSE THEY MADE A DAMN DISNEY MOVIE ABOUT BATTLE RAPPING!!!!!!  Yes, we have gone from 8-Mile to Disney.  I’m going to make this movie review extra short, because I am ashamed to admit that, as a grown man, I actually sat and watched this movie. (I was high)

There were three problems with this movie:

1.) They had Chris from “Everybody Hates Chris” as the main character.  Yeah, this nigga:

(They couldn’t afford Jaden Smith, so I was plan B)

2.) They pre-recorded the rap verses and had the actors lip syncing the battle rap scenes.

3.) See Reasons 1 and 2

So is this what we’ve come to? We already know that white kids in middle America are the main ones that go to rap concerts, but it’s to the point now where rap is acceptable to parents and pre-teen kids who watch the Disney channel.  Oh wait, I forgot.  This movie didn’t make hip hop soft.  I take back everything I just said.  Something happened before this that made rap acceptable to little white grade-schoolers: