SMASH ALERT!!! Olympians Offering Themselves on Twitter… by: therealHNF



As one would assume, gettin’ some *(insert inappropriate euphemism for vagina here)* isn’t that hard for Justin Bieber.  And I for one would be surprised if he is actually faithful to his girlfriend Selena Gomez.  In fact, it’s so easy, he can just send some innocuous tweet to a gymnast like Dominique Pegg (pictured above) saying something along the lines of *Justin Bieber pre-pubescent voice* “Hey, do your thing out there and represent Canada!” And she responds: “Hey @justinbieber, are you gunna come watch us at team finals tomorrow? I’m sure I can get u a pass to get in ;)”. Some of you may think I’m reading too far into her response, but I know for a fact that them Olympians that sit there and train all day and haven’t had any *(insert inappropriate euphemism for penis here)* in about 4 years since the last Olympics, are the most sexually repressed and yet horniest people on the planet.  How do I know, you ask? I mean, look this broad:


(Lolo Jones sent the picture on the right to Chris Bosh)

C’mon son!! You mean to tell me that if Justin Bieber goes all the way to London to see her perform, HE AIN’T GONNA SMASH?