LEBRON!!! *Drake Singing Voice* Don’t Do It…Please Don’t Do It…by: @therealHNF

They tryna catch my nigga slippin’!! LeBron is on his way to having a great year, marked by his first NBA Championship, engagement to baby momma/high school sweetheart/groupie-repellant girlfriend Savannah Brinson, what looks like another Olympic gold medal, and an image rehabilitation campaign that has Chris Brown wondering if he chose the right profession:

(How many hits I gotta make before they forgive me man…?)

So what does the media do in the wake of LeBron’s recent successes and re-ascension to the top?  They take a non-story and make it front-page news!!  With Kobe getting caught with his pants down shirt off, they felt it only necessary to make LeBron the next white girl slayer by making a big deal out of Lauren Perdue saying she declined an invite to dinner from King James.  What was the point in making this a story, you ask? So we can now lump LeBron into the pool of other successful black men who chase the pale tail.  Now ain’t nothin’ wrong with that, but you don’t need to look any further than Kobe as an example of somebody who was considered a golden-boy with a squeaky clean image that got ripped to shreds because of his indiscretions.  Now, no matter how many rings this nigga wins, this is the image they have in their heads: