How To Avoid Somebody Trying To Sit Next To You On The Bus by: @therealHNF

Are you a bad bitch that people want to sit next to on the bus when there are a million other seats available?


Are you secretly hoping that the fat guy doesn’t stink?

(Don’t look at me nigga..)


Are you looking out the window, listening to your iPod or feigning sleep to avoid interacting with a potential seat mate?


Well I’ve got the product for you!!

For only $8.17 you can stop being a wuss and get the Seats Taken Boy!!

Cause nothing’s more intimidating that a little racist white kid!

How does it work, you ask?

Once you pay the $8.17, a little racist white kid will accompany you on all bus, train and plane rides! And when some undesirable looks in your direction:


100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!!


I got the Seats Taken Boy, and I must say it’s worked like a charm!!  I’ve had a seat to myself everyday since purchasing him, and people now stand up on the bus even when the seat next to me is the only one available!  I’m normally a quiet and polite person, so the Seats Taken Boy does all my dirty work! Thanks Seats Taken Boy!!

Billy Club –  Wattachang, Mississippi

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