Serena Williams Redeems Herself!! by: @therealHNF

Congratulations to Ms. Stiff Booty!!

Now Serena Williams got a lot of flack from white people and white black people the media about her victory dance after winning the gold medal in the Olympics.  As usual, if a famous Black person does anything “too black” or culturally specific that alienates white people, they start saying shit like “She set the race back 50 years!!”

People are just trying to find any reason to tear her down. For those of you that don’t  know, the bit’ won her tennis match and started Crip Walkin’.  Like so:

Yes, the dance is affiliated with the Crips gang, but what we forget is that the dance rose to nationwide popularity back in the early 2000s, and nobody had a problem when Littler Lil Bow Wow at 10 years old was C-Walkin’ across the stage at the BET Awards.  If you ask me, they should’ve put her on blast for doing it wrong!! You know you supposed to throw up the gang sign while C-Walkin'”!!

I’d rather see Serena C-Walkin’ than this any day of the week: