What is Your Motivation?

When is the last time you haven’t heard that the industry is over saturated?  When hasn’t an industry professional told you the negatives of the industry?  As an artist, you are bound to encounter many people who will give you the reason to quit, so why do you even think to continue?  When the world does it’s best to change you, what makes you stay the same?  Or do you?  What is your motivation?

What makes your brain go into overdrive?  What makes you tackle the stages at empty venues and spend your last on studio time, only to continue the path of the “starving artist”?  What makes you determined to beat the odds, anxious to succeed, and willing to fail the task, just to complete the mission?  What is your motivation?

One must know their motivation in order to determine the path.  Too many people pick the occupation before the motivation, and to what benefit?  If you want to get money, practice science.  If your physical strengths deem important to your lifestyle, strive to be an athlete.  When you have a message that can only be expressed with music and spoken in rhythm; a message that benefits the environment in which we live, and feelings that can only be developed through songs that have yet to be created, become a musical artist.  If you have the talent to create something so beautiful that it evokes tears and emotions that lasts for decades and beyond, then continue to be art.

In a time like this, it’s easy to forget there’s a war being fought when you’re not standing on the front line.

Insert your motivation here.

– Renee Gardner