Ways Rappers Can Motivate Themselves To Write @therealHNF

(Wait…was that 15 bars or 16 bars?)
Not to sound racist, but we all know that rappers and white songwriters are two different species, thus providing the reason for two different stories about the same topic.  Yesterday, we were let in on the things that motivate white people to write songs (i.e. sunsets, sitting at a coffee shop, reading a book, feather dusters).  Through my extensive research (basically just always being around niggas), I’ve compiled a list of things that motivate rappers to write songs.
The Cypher
There’s no greater peer pressure in America than the gathering at the lunch table, the couch, or the small circle outside the club.  You think a fight is about to go down.  So you curiously wander over to see what’s going on.  You excuse yourself as you move past people to get to the middle, and what do you discover?  You’ve just been lured into a cypher from which there’s no escape without showing your lyrical prowess (or lack thereof).  The ensuing verbal beatdown that occurs makes you go home and work on your rhymes.
Big Booties
Rarely does a 3 1/2 minute song go by without mentioning ass.  Sometimes that word is the only word in the hook, and it turns into a hit.  A song dedicated to the posterior is still a hit 20 years after it was made.  That’s some powerful ass.
(Yo son…I mix the loud, the mid and the reggies all in one blunt)
Nothing gets the random (which most rappers mistake for “creative”) juices flowing like some good ol’ grandaddy purp.  And since most niggas travel in packs (and they wanna mooch off yo’ shit cause they aint got no money), the blunt will be shared with 5 random thinkin’ ass niggas which will ultimately lead to a cypher.
Watch Scarface and you will feel the urge to write gangster rap lyrics.