Blood In, Blood Out: Why Women Won’t Leave Their Abusers by @therealHNF

(I thought I told you to cook my eggs sunny side up!!)
I honestly don’t care about the whole Chris Brown and Rihanna situation, because I am firm believer in second chances and “people make mistakes” and blah, blah, blah.  The Chris Brown detractors just don’t seem to care or realize that the CB-Ri Ri beatdown (remember, you heard me coin that phrase here first) was an isolated incident.  It’s not like that bit’ was constantly showing up to rehearsals with heavy makeup and sunglasses on.  But the topic does lead to an interesting discussion.  Why do the women who are regularly abused by their significant other stay in the relationship?  We’ve heard all the cliche psycho-babble reasons like low self-esteem, fear, the kids, etc.  I’m going to give you the reasons people rarely mention.
No Money
Speaking from experience, my mother stayed with my father a lot longer for financial reasons.  In a bad relationship, there is a direct correlation between her money/support system, and the length of the leash attached to you.
Threat Of Suicide
Niggas out here be on some ghetto Romeo & Juliet type ish with the “If I can’t be with you, then I’ma kill myself” nonsense.  And there are females out here that fall for it.
Locked In The House
Some women have the misfortune of being with a crazy nigga that will lock them in the house while they’re at work, so they can’t leave even if they wanted to.  If you see a house with boarded up windows or prison bars on them, it might not be a crack house.
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