Get Your Music Noticed pt. 2 therealHNF


Part 2 of the series on effective strategies to get your music noticed courtesy of

2. The Piggybacking Strategy

The quickest way to get the word out there is to piggyback on something that people already know about. One of the best known forms of piggybacking is listing out the bands you sound like on your website, CD Baby page, and press correspondences. This gives new listeners a clue as to what to expect by drawing on what they already know. Of course, another popular piggybacking tactic is to cover a well-known song. Often, these covers become your initial best-sellers. But they also act as a gateway. If listeners like your version, they’ll likely check out your original material.

But piggybacking on other bands or cover songs isn’t the only way to employ this technique: you can piggyback on anything that already has an audience.

For example, our own band, Beatnik Turtle, wrote a song called “Star Wars (A Movie Like No Other).” It summarized the entire original Star Wars trilogy in a single song. Around the same time, released a video mashup tool, so we decided to make a video for the song. The video ended up getting played over 15,000 times thanks to the active community at that site. That popularity led to it getting picked up by (now Comedy Central: Studios) which in turn led to it being aired on SpikeTV to celebrate the 32nd anniversary of “Star Wars”.

Current events and popular culture provide opportunities for piggybacking as well. When a topic is hot, a large number of people will be searching for information about it. For instance, when the Monty Python musical, “Spamalot”, debuted, The Brobdingnagian Bards, a Celtic Renaissance musical duo posted a blog entry about “Spamalot” and how they covered one of Monty Python’s songs. The post got a ton of hits from people searching on the new musical, got them noticed by new fans, and resulted in sales.

But piggybacking isn’t always about how to get publicity. It can be for a good cause as well. Grant Baciocco of Throwing Toasters put together two compilation charity albums called Laughter Is a Powerful Weapon, with music donated by himself and many other well-known comedy artists. The money from one album went to the Twin Towers Orphans Fund and the other went to the Red Cross for Katrina victims. This compilation not only raised money to charities but also helped cross-promote many of the musicians’ fans to one another.