Money Power Respect Songwriters and Producers’ Seminar WSAATL (Photos)

During Writing Sessions America’s eventful weekend in Atlanta, GA, the songwriters, event attendees, and special invited guests reconnected at Emory University for the Money Power Respect Songwriters’ and Producers’ Seminar.  The two panels (Publishing and Licensing and Songwriters’ and Producers’ Panel), which featured a number of amazing game changers in the music industry was mature, honest, and open.  The audience was able to interact with the panel very fluidly.  What made the WSAATL seminar unique from the masses is the fact that most people at this event had an understanding of what is going on in the music industry.  The audience was filled with taste makers itself.

A special presentation was given by the University of Memphis Community Music School and For the People By The People.  The songwriters of Writing Sessions America also took a moment to look back on their last journey.  To close out the night, there was a high-energy performance by Chris Scholar.

Take a look at the photos from the Money Power Respect Songwriters and Producers Seminar.

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Photo Credit: Big-O

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