The State of The Emerging Blogging Empires

Mr. L Davis and his good friend D. Woods

This soapbox chronicles was inspired by new-found revelations and my online writer friend Mr. Letroy Davis (Twitter @MrLDavis).  Mr. Davis runs a music/celebrity blog, and though many blogs that sound familiar flood the internet on the daily, his opinion is one that you can only get from him.

Mr.L Davis is one of my favorite music/opinion bloggers at the moment.  It’s great to hear an opinion from people who are still in love with the music.  Most people who are reporting about current celebrity events just report exactly that with no reason or point validations.  The quality of blogging content is deteriorating due to people’s desire to collect a check.

What people don’t realize is that blogging can easily be a platform that can help you build your brand and make money to support yourself without a 9 to 5. It’s quite amusing to me that most of our savvy and intelligent people who are at the forefront of the mainstream underground blog scene aren’t doing much to help the community.

I understand that many writers have obligations to many different people; editors, publicists, PR people, artists, and of course the people.  But who matters the most?  How can we sit and talk about the change in music and blame the mainstream if we bring the mainstream in our own home?  How can we get ourselves off the ground if we don’t give each other a chance?

We, as young people in the industry have to start thinking more long term about the things that we have in place now.  Sure, yours might a semi-celebrity blog that you sometimes build content for because you don’t have a lot of time now, but if you keep working toward what it is that you want, you will find a direction that will fit your lifestyle.  What you’ll find is that it will come easy to you because it is something you truly want.  You’ll get/create the material that other people don’t have because you’re not on a mainstream timeline. You are your own voice.

Set goals for yourself outside of your view count.  Create an editorial strategy.  Start taking yourselves seriously, and then others will be more inclined to follow your word.

From one emerging blogger to another,

Renee Gardner