Four Keys To A Product Release Campaign Part 2: HustleNFlo @therealHNF

Part 2 of our series on tips to have an effective Digital PR Campaign for your project courtesy of

2. Promote a strong brand

The second meaning of “consistent” for us regards the theme of your content published across all your digital platforms. The more focused your content is, the more effectively it will reinforce your brand amid your product release promotions.

The theme of your content should reflect your primary goal for this campaign – to spread awareness of your upcoming product – but it should also reflect your overall brand as well. To do this, your blog posts, newsletter, videos, and images need to maintain the following:

1. Consistent color scheme and overall style

2. Consistent tone of voice and direction of messaging

3. Common goals (driving views to product preview video, newsletter sign ups for exclusive access, etc.)

There are numerous platforms for you to explore, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and many others. In order to maintain a consistent content strategy (in terms of delivery), you need to explore all of the options, determine which platforms cater to your target audience, and then choose carefully as to which you can realistically establish and maintain a presence on effectively. This depends on which channels you currently employ as well as the manpower you have available to monitor and maintain your campaign.