Album Review: Anthony David presents ‘Love Out Loud’

In just a few hours, Anthony David will be sharing his latest project Love Out Loud with the world.  To also help celebrate his new release, Anthony David will be performing in Atlanta, GA at ATL R&B Live on the Park along with Brian Owens and Ywada.

Take a peek at my music review, and get ready for the release:

 Anthony David opens up Love Out Loud with “Aspiracy Theory”, a song that seems to blossom in the morning sunshine as flowers do on a Spring afternoon.  Anthony David’s raspy voice plays the role of the warm sun as “Love Out Loud” eases you into David’s fifth studio album in which we only expect a well-crafted collection of progressive soul music.

It’s no secret that Anthony David is not only a community favorite, but also a top choice of our newly re-elected President  Barack Obama.  As David challenges his listeners to “open your mind to speak, and back it up with action”, we can’t help but to reflect on the momentous occasion in which we the majority of our country loved out loud and through their votes.

“Can’t Look Down” gives you the cue to get up and dance to the song where David talks about a common theme in today’s society- young people who are afraid of love and giving themselves to a union that was intended for eternity.  Most of us are jaded, just as Anthony David sings about heartbreak in a song with the perfect title, “Jaded”.  It’s evident that David’s music is easily influenced by real life situations that the young and unmarried can relate to.

When’s the last time you heard a reggae song from a mainstream artist that you absolutely loved?  “Livin’ It Up” feat. Demetria has come to save the day with this heavily reggae influenced riddim.  Demetria’s soft yet powerful voice compliments David’s soothing vocals perfectly as they both serenade each other before his reggae solo that closes out a song that is guaranteed to be repeated.

“Official” is definitely a treat for new soul lovers as it featured Algebra and Anthony David sharing melodies in their respected ranges.  Since Anthony David and Algebra are regularly paired together for live performances,  this song is definitely a two-for-one.

Anthony David’s sound is very consistent, however his lyrical concepts, harmonies, and classic production create a sound that it seems that we have lost in most mainstream favorites.

Anthony guides you to the end of Love Out Loud with sexy uptempo vibe in songs like “Control Freak” that lead up to revealing mid-tempo songs like “A Away For Me” that feel like a soundtrack to your life as you imagine yourself walking down a dimly lit city street. – Renee Gardner

Anthony David will be celebrating the release of Love Out Loud with a performance in Atlanta, GA at ATL R&B Live on the Park. For tickets to one of the best live shows in Atlanta, visit the official website.


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