Four Keys to a Product Release PR Campaign part 4: HustleNFlo @therealHNF

Part 4 of our series on tips to create a Digital PR Campaign for your project courtesy of

4. Connect with niche influencers to generate a buzz with a new customer base

While catering to your existing customer base is a critical part of creating loyalty and a strong brand, a vital part of an effective product release PR strategy includes expanding your reach to new fans through market influencers.
While various niche influencers will have a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social networking platforms, blogs are where more and more potential customers are seeking information and recommendations.
According to NM Incite, at this time last year, there were over 170 million blogs being tracked, many driven by passionate people focused on spotlighting and reporting on specific markets and the niches within.
A few select examples of strong niche-specific bloggers include:

• (social media)
• (tech)• (music industry news)

A great way to expand the awareness of your product release is to target niche-specific bloggers and offer them exclusive content or giveaways, behind-the-scenes access, or even a hosted product premier. This will give you the opportunity to expose your product to a new market of fans passionate about just the type of work you are doing.
There are several ways to find the right blogs to target, but there are a few guidelines to consider before beginning your search

What is your niche?

Be careful, the answer to this may surprise you. Let’s say you’re an author, so you’re thinking blogs about books or writing, right? Not necessarily. Dive into the content itself. If your book is about film production, then film production blogs are where you can best represent your knowledge and product, and where you will find the most opportunity to gain new customers.

How big is your company in comparison to the size of the blog?

Blogs are akin to traditional promotional outlets such as magazines and newspapers. Many of the bigger blogs are likely to cover only the biggest stories within an industry, so it is important you don’t spend too much time and energy trying to reach the biggest bloggers in the world if you don’t have a company or product big enough (within the industry) to be reported on.
Once you’ve answered these questions, you can begin your search. Here are a few easy ways to target niche bloggers:

• Google Blog Search• Technorati


• Social Media (Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube)

Through each, you can search using keywords that are relevant to your niche (“film production,” “film making,” and “making movies” are all good using the example above), which will help you identify blogs that are discussing important trends, issues, and topics within your target market.

How do I best approach these bloggers?

The most important first step to effectively approach a blogger is to check their site for contact/submission guidelines. Like traditional media, bloggers are often inundated with emails from people contacting them about coverage on their site. Because of this, it is important to make sure that you reach out to the blogger in the specified way or risk being ignored.
If approaching through email, write a concise message about your product, what you’d like to discuss with the blogger in more detail (don’t overwhelm by asking too much in the introductory email), and make sure your message ties back to your connection to the niche that this blogger is covering.

Employing A Long-Term Strategy

While it may seem like the end-goal for an effective product release are the actual results seen on the release day itself, employing an ongoing digital PR strategy after your release is necessary for enduring success. Thankfully, putting the proper efforts into planning for consistency in your content, as well as identifying niche influencers, will help you to build the foundation needed for you and your company to reach your true end-goals: maintaining a strong brand, expanding your reach, and increasing your influence within the market.