4 Reasons Email is Better than Cold Phone Calls

For all those who have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, we are currently in the digital age.    Most people in the media/entertainment industry spend a great deal of their time looking at a screen, and less time talking on the phone to new people.  I have a terribly great habit of telling people to email me- and with great reason!  Take a look at my reasons on why email is better than the phone:

1. Increased time to prepare–  Some people are terrible when it comes to talking on the phone- especially when they have a lot to talk about and no general point to begin with.  Oftentimes when we are networking at events or on the phone with someone for the first time, the conversation is in a controlled environment  in which you are hardly in control.  A thousand interruptions could occur before you even get your point across.  By email, you are able to express yourself, what it is you do, and what you want from them- without any interruptions.

2. Saved Conversations –  When you get to the point where you’re effectively networking on a constant basis, it gets hard to remember every single person’s wants, needs, and how the relationship benefits both parties. With email, you are able to save your conversations and refer back to them at any point.  If they include their contact in their signatures, it’s also a great way to grab contact information if you lose your phone or it crashes.

3. Evaluate your client – This is major, especially if you are the person who’s taking time out of their day to consult with people.  When you ask people to email you, you are able to evaluate their needs a little easier than someone may lead on.  People like to talk a big game, but if you can’t replicate your ideas well in writing, there’s a big chance that you are very new in the actual business realm.  There’s nothing wrong with that- everyone has to start somewhere!

4. Less Pressure- When you deal with people in the entertainment industry, you’re dealing with a myriad of schedules.  The media works early, artists and night life professionals usually work late, and PR/A&Rs, and managers are constantly busy.  Instead of preparing to get rushed off the phone or get sent to voice mail (because they don’t know you, or they know what you’re calling for), send an email. Chances are, they’ll get back to you faster, or direct you to the right person.

If you’re really about effective business, and you have made a great impact through email, you’ll be welcomed to call, added to their contact lists, and gather much more information than any introductory call would have done.  Time is money, and no one has hours to spend on the phone, unless you have money to spend with them.

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