Andre 3000 Ain’t Never Coming Back! by: HustleNFlo @therealHNF

My suspicions have been confirmed!! For years now people have speculated and talked about when Andre 3000 would ever release a full-length LP.  Ever since Idlewild was released back in 2006, Dre would just tease us with the occasional 16 bars on the most randomest of songs.  In his defense, people would say he was just focusing on his acting career and business ventures.  I, on the other hand, thought it was due to his inability (or unwillingness) to make a full, solo rap album.  After his much-heralded classic “The Love Below” – which was (disappointingly to some) predominantly a singing album – fans and critics alike would be expecting his next project to be rap.  After so many years lying dormant in the trappings of Hollywood, the pressure is only mounting.  You can listen to the entire interview, but you can skip to the 1:39 mark for the incriminating part.

*I am a fan of Andre 3000 BTW, so don’t call me a hater*