Fraidy Cat Burglar Calls 911 On Homeowner by HustleNFlo @therealHNF

Now, this may seem like common sense, but in order to be successful in any profession, you must have the necessary tools to complete the tasks required of that profession.  You cannot be good a baseball player without a bat and adequate hand-eye coordination.  You cannot be a good basketball player without a basketball, and the developed ability to put the ball in the hoop a full body full of tattoos, and an ex-wife who stars on “The Basketball Wives.”  Not that I endorse or encourage this behavior, but what would it take to be a successful burglar?  Let’s take a look what you need, and why you need them.  Everything on the list is common sense stuff, but, as we all know, “common sense” isn’t really that common.

All Black Everything
     To blend in with the night
Knowledge of your target
     Best way to get in the house, escape, etc. Know what you’re trying to steal…
     To wave around and scare people with, so they’ll take you seriously.  Even the most simpiest (yes, that’s “simp”) of dudes will not be messed with if he has a gun.
(Nick Cannon’s a thug!! Cussin’ and s*it)
The video is of a fraidy cat burglar (I just made that up and I want royalties) who finds himself in the rather awkward position of potential victim instead of perpetrator.