Nicki Minaj’s hairstylist quits and leaves Nicki with one wig?


Nicki Minaj’s ex-hair stylist, Terrence Davidson, the man behind the hip hop/pop star’s outlandish wigs, has decided to step away to “explore more opportunities” within his own brand.  It looks like he left Nicki Minaj high and dry, as she’s been caught rocking her old “Super Bass” wig to countless talk shows, appearances, and performances.  Though the recent change in her look may have toned down, you can expect the pop star to keep the same colorful erratic personality.

Even with Davidson sticking with his story, we don’t believe that he’s giving us the full story.  Minaj is known for being difficult to work with/under, and seeing that she hasn’t found a replacement, do you think he was just over it?


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