King E.N.J. – ‘Break It Down’ and his condom line


Listen to “Break It Down” and read on about King E.N.J.

Entrepreneur rapper, King E.N.J. has club-goers and sexy ladies dancing on tables as his strip club anthem“Break It Down” takes over clubs and hot spots across the country. The new party single, which is already invading radio and dance floors, hits the streets on March 20th. King’s debut album,  Straight Werewolfin’, will be released in Spring, 2013 on his independent label, Werewolf Mafia Entertainment. Both the album and digital single will be available on iTunes.

Being a dynamic wordsmith, King uses his platform in the clubs and as an artist to promote safe sex and HIV/AIDS awareness in young adults.  He finds time during, and in between live performances, to promote his condom line, WerewolfKingCondom. Making it clear that as he promotes a fun, easygoing lifestyle in his music, it’s necessary to be responsible in your sexual activity and business.

“Everybody goes out and parties, ain’t nothin’ wrong with doing that,” explains King, “but wrap it up.” 

King E.N.J. seems like quite a fascinating artist.  It’s awesome to see an artist with a true cause.

King E.N.J. is available for interviews,  please contact: Juanita Stephens,