Introducing and Analyzing: Rochelle Hot 16

Check out Rochelle Hot 16, an emerging female rapper out of Atlanta. I’ve met Rochelle about 3 years ago when she performed at my first (and last) music event at this venue. (I won’t mention the name because this article would pop up on Google higher than the site’s Facebook.) I Digress..

I recently got an email introducing me to her site, and the new music that she had been working on. Now in the meantime, I have seen her out networking at events, and aligning herself with different industry cliques (in a good way) and she is finally ready to show is what she’s learned.

I wanted to share this with you guys not only because of her talent, but also because of her packaging. Rochelle has had the opportunity to work with labels that have promoted new and seasoned artists and it’s evident she means business through her presentation.

Rochelle Hot 16 email

A newsletter is a great way to reach out to your supporters and advertise what you’re doing in a professional manner. There are many different sites to use that are free or cost very little depending on how many people you are trying to reach. If you can’t afford a publicist, this is a great way to market yourself to media outlets.

Though Rochelle Hot 16 gave most of her information in the newsletter, she creatively directs you to her webpage,, which gives her video EPK on the main page, and then the appropriate categories. Simple. Clean, and Easy.

Rochelle Hot 16 web page

What I then noticed was the quality of her video. THIS IS MAJOR! The quality of your video, whether it’s an EPK, music video, Vlog, Behind the Scenes, etc.,is a big indicator of how ready you are. Do you have a team or the budget to make your big ideas come to life, or is that something your investor will have to supply?

Rochelle Hot 16 video

In this day and age, it’s not just about who can put out the most music or how many hot features you can get on your songs. It’s about the whole presentation. Why not do it right the first time around. You can never get another first impression.