Events: Hip-Hop Town Hall Hosted By @ReneeTheG + @FortKnoxLive – 1/22 #HipHopTownHall | RnB, Hip Hop, Rock & EDM

Hip Hop Town Hall
On Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2014, the Hip Hop Town Hall will take place at the Omen Agency’s 299 Peters St. location from 6pm-10pm. Hosted by Renee Gardner and Fort Knox, they will be asking for expertise, thoughts, and solutions to be shared and developed through the collection of the people in our community.

With respect to everyone, from the intern to the exec, our goal for the Hip Hop Town Hall is to create a monthly platform that exists to allow the voices of our community to be heard offline to people who are actively working in the streets to provide solutions to the needs of the hip hop community (artists, DJs, Producers, entrepreneurs, media, etc.).

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