Omen Agency’s Hip Hop Town Hall May 28th: Social Media and Digital Branding

Hip Hop Town Hall MAY 28 500


Anyone who has been a follower of ReneetheG (previously .com soon to be .net) for the past couples of years knows that branding is one if my specialty topics when it comes to talking about successful platforms in hip-hop.

I am proud to invite everyone out next Wednesday, May 28th to the Hip Hop Town Hall (#HipHopTownHall) at the Omen Agency from 7-10pm. Hosted by me, Renee Gardner and Fort Knox @FortKnoxLive, we will be touching on Social Media and Digital Branding. We encourage everyone, whether you have something to share or something to learn, to come out, network and talk about the issues and solutions to the issues in our hip-hop community.

See you there!