You42 awards Shanti Das and Organized Noize with Atlanta Music Heritage Award

You42 Award Shanti Das Organized Noize

Renee Gardner will be co-hosting the You42 Atlanta Music Heritage Award presentation honoring Shanti Das and Organized Noize.

What a time to be alive!


Atlanta’s deep roots support the many branches of hip-hop that exists today. As the world embraces hip-hop, it’s become evident of the impact that Atlanta’s music community has had on the heritage of the hip-hop culture.

On Friday, October 9, 2015, the Atlanta Music Heritage Award will be presented to Shanti Das and Organized Noize at the You42 Brunch in the Loudermilk Center from 10am to 11:30am a part of the 2015 A3C Hip Hop Festival.

The Atlanta Music Heritage Award honors the unsung heroes that help build the Atlanta music scene as we know it today.

Shanti Das is a Music executive who came to rise as Atlanta stamped is place in hip-hop. Best known for her work with artists such as Outkast and helping to pave the historical grounds of Atlanta hip-hop, Shanti Das has inspired many young entrepreneurs and women in the music industry. The author of the Hip-Hop Professional and the 1,2,3s of Networking, co-founder of ATL Live on the Park and an active philanthropist, Das has a wealth of knowledge about the music and entertainment industry – past and present. With her hand also guiding today’s Atlanta youth, Shanti has continued to build up the community through service and music.

Organized Noize, the production group consisting of Rico Wade, Ray Murray and Sleepy Brown are known for crafting most of the most popular hip-hop songs coming out of Atlanta, but since their early years of success, the group has donated time and money to various Foundations working to help the youth through the arts.

Highlighting the intellectual side of Atlanta hip-hop, Organized Noize has groomed a variable palate of music in the Southern hip-hop community, which is now influencing the world like never before.

You42 Inc is a pioneering company focused on rebooting an ailing entertainment industry.

You42’s mission is nothing short of revolutionizing the global creative community through the launch of the world’s first social lifestyle entertainment network.

The Loudermilk Center is located at 40 Courtland St. NE Atlanta, GA 30303.